PageXL Latest Changes

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13 Nov 2018

  • Sites can now be exported as PDF files. To export a site, you have to publish it, then click on the icon symbolizing a page under the preview of your sites in the home screen. This feature requires a PRO or STUDIO plan.
  • The “Photo Gallery” section now displays a carousel of images when an image is enlarged, allowing you to see the entire album of the section by scanning images (touch and mouse supported) without having to close and open the images of the section one by one. The carousel also displays under each image its title and description.
  • Ability to hide a section so that it is not published. This makes it possible, for instance, to duplicate a section and to keep the previous version hidden in reserve if further retrieval is necessary. Or to do A / B testing.
  • Detection of obsolete browsers. An invitation to update the browser is displayed to your visitors if a PageXL site is displayed in Internet Explorer 6-11.
  • PageXL user interface now available in Spanish.
  • Adjusted image loading settings (lazyloading):
    • disabled on the first 2 sections of the site
    • disabled if the site has less than 3 sections
    • Images now start to be loaded when they arrive at 500px from the bottom edge of the screen.

1 Oct 2018

  • Max picture file size increased from 2MB to 5MB

19 Sep 2018

  • Improved Google Analytics (GA) supports (demo above): your page using GA will now automatically trigger the following GA events helping you to analyze your visitors behavior:

    • When the visitor scrolls down to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your page
    • When the Contact or Subscribe forms are sent
    • When a picture is loaded
    • When a menu entry clicked
    • When a video is started, paused and ended
    • When a picture is enlarged

To track those events in GA, select BEHAVIOR > Events or REAL TIME > Events. Tips: you can create Event-based Goals in GA to analyze your conversion rate, for instance when your contact form is submitted!

3 Sep 2018

  • Added 3 new styles for picture section
  • Added 4 new angles to section background gradients
  • Fixed CSS styles & the checking of latitude and longitude parameters of map section

31 Aug 2018

  • Added 2 actions buttons to video section and a second action to picture section
  • Fixed a bug on bottom menu margin

28 Aug 2018

  • Added supports for International Domain Names (IDNs), ie. domain names with accented characters

20 Aug 2018

  • Added a new section for FAQ management (demo above). Under IE 11+ & Edge, all the answers are opened since these browsers do not support yet some HTML5 tags
  • Fixed line-height and margin-bottom of bullet lists

14 Aug 2018

  • Links starting with http are now opened in a new browser window/tab
  • Bullet lists style fixed

11 Aug 2018

  • Fixed a bug with favicons showing a 403 error

1 Aug 2018

  • Added a new section for publishing videos. Supported formats: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, Wistia, MP4 urls